SHOW Us What You Are Grateful For This Month

Ahhhh, Thanksgiving.  A time for families to gather and overeat.  A time for football and crazy-talk of shopping at 1:00am.  Each November we pause and give thanks, usually right before we dive into the mashed potatoes, but to break tradition,... Continue Reading →

My Cell Phone Gave Me A Black Eye

I was one of the first people in the Universe to get the new Galaxy Nexus phones (well, at least one of the first in Littleton, Colorado) and I was thrilled...for 2 days.  It was a great computer.  A great... Continue Reading →

Kids, the Media and Tragedy: 5 Lessons I Learned From Columbine

It's been 13 years since our family's world was rocked by the tragic loss at Columbine High School.  Our son, Jacob, was a freshman there and our other son was a junior at another local high school, one of our... Continue Reading →

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