One gets a bit reflective when birthdays roll around.  Well, at least when you are almost half of 100.  Half of 100… wow that’s a lot of living. I thought I should take some time to take note and appreciate a few things I have learned thus far.

I spent too many of my younger years feeling not smart enough, not pretty enough, not a lot of things…enough.  But somewhere in the years between 40 and 49, I realized I know a lot of stuff and I’m pretty proud of who I’ve become.

Gina Schreck, turning 50
Just can’t get enough of robots, mermaids, and unicorns!

I’ve learned that I really like mermaids, robots, and unicorns and somehow I need to incorporate them more often in my life. I’ve learned that you really don’t need great parenting role models to be a good parent, and I guess the reverse is true too.  I’ve learned that people who make you laugh and that you can be silly with are really good to hang around with.  I’ve learned that I am stronger than I ever gave myself credit for, and if only I could go back in time, I would tell my younger self that.  Perhaps if we knew when we were younger, all we know when we are older, we wouldn’t turn out as wise because we’d miss the hardships that actually taught us about life.

Turning 50, Gina Schreck
If I could talk to my younger self…


I am heading out this morning to get in a good 5 mile hike, since I am supposed to be training.  The Captain and I will be climbing Kilimanjaro (tallest mountain in Africa) for my half of 100 birthday this August.   It actually sounds cool to say you are training.  I used to think only Olympians trained for something.  I guess I’ve learned that we can all be training for something.

Turning 50, Gina Schreck, Kilimanjaro, preparing for kilimanjaro
I’ll be HERE in August

What are you training for?  Have you learned anything over your lifetime that is profound and worth sharing here?  How to make a great cup of coffee, or change your own oil (wait…does anyone do that?)?  Do tell.


Gina Schreck     @GinaSchreck

(Mermaid, Robot, Unicorn picture drawn by me.  Time machine picture drawn by the talented Schrecklet…Bailey Schreck using Paper app by 53.)