Cracking Under the Pressure of Being a Drug Runner

It shouldn't be stressful going to the store pharmacy... unless you are suspected of being a meth dealer!

It’s the Winds That Make Us Strong

Tough times come in like storms, and sometimes you just can't see the end to the rain and winds that are beating you down.  I know…I’ve had my share of stormy weather. It sometimes seems that in the midst of... Continue Reading →


I love journals. I have kind of an unhealthy relationship with them. I buy lots of them. Kind of like cards. I spend hours looking at all of them and then buy a handful because they are beautiful, inspirational or... Continue Reading →

Sometimes You Just Have to Sit Awhile: Naps, Puppies and Hip Surgery

13 days ago I had a hip-replacement surgery, which I am choosing to call my first bionic surgery. It has nothing to do with aging or arthritis, but instead the assimilation of the super-robot body I will have in a... Continue Reading →

I Need An Umbrella Man Day

I grew up in Northern California just 45-minutes from Santa Cruz. The beach with its old-fashioned boardwalk was a favorite weekend trip, but as an adult, I discovered downtown Santa Cruz, a cool blend of hippie lifestyle and boho chic... Continue Reading →


I remove each item, assessing its value. Does it get tossed into the trash or can someone else use it?  How do you begin to sort through a house filled with stuff? Closet by closet, cabinets and drawers.  Some of... Continue Reading →

We’re All A Bunch of Wimps!

Where can a girl find monkey bars in this town? I don't mean the kind you pull up a barstool in and order exotic jungle juice, I mean the metal ladder you cross to develop upper body strength.  I am... Continue Reading →

Buddah Buttons and Giant Prairie Dogs

Experiencing the Sweetness of Life The week before the youngest Schrecklet went off to college we went to dinner at Little Ollies, one of our favorite Chinese restaurants in Cherry Creek.  During dinner, the Schrecklet was telling me and my... Continue Reading →

Digging Deeper: Lessons Learned Climbing Kilimanjaro

This trip was to be about celebrating my first half of 100 years, but it turned out to be so much more. I knew I was strong. I knew I was adventurous, but this quest taught me to go beyond... Continue Reading →

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