Gina headshot June 2016I’ve been blogging for years for my business over at SocialKNX, but felt the need to unplug, so-to-speak, on occasion and talk about more than just technology and social media!  After all…A girl has to rant now and again.  I love my coffee sweet and blonde, just like me.  I have an unhealthy obsession with shoes that will eventually kill me.  I WAY over-married the man of my dreams over 28 years ago, I have 4 children who act grown up on occasion and 3 crazy wiener dogs who are as crazy as they are cute.  I am a wanna-be photographer who LOVES sharing the everydayness on Instagram, and I think I have the best Pinterest boards on the planet!

I know if A.D.D. were a recognized problem when I was younger, I would still be poppin’ Ritalin today. I usually have 15-20 tabs open in my Google Chrome browser and belive multi-tasking is for wimps…I HYPER-TASK!

I’m the president and founder at SocialKNX-a digital marketing and social media management company.  Follow my mini-rants on Twitter or come get Geeky with me on our website or Facebook page!