Thanksgiving Instagram Challenge
The Schreck Family Thanksgiving

Ahhhh, Thanksgiving.  A time for families to gather and overeat.  A time for football and crazy-talk of shopping at 1:00am.  Each November we pause and give thanks, usually right before we dive into the mashed potatoes, but to break tradition, I decided to a month long VISUAL offering of thanks!

Join me by posting one photo a day to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #VisualThanks.  I will pull them in and share them here as well with all of your Twitter or Instagram names.  In case you need ideas, let this be your guide:

  1. Family
  2. Home
  3. Love
  4. Food
  5. Health
  6. Warmth
  7. Friends
  8. Work
  9. I get around
  10. Entertainment
  11. Beauty all around
  12. Yummm
  13. Learning
  14. Conveniences
  15. Freedom
  16. Music
  17. Movement
  18. Laughter
  19. Clean Water
  20. Abundance
  21. Rest
  22. Smell
  23. Sight
  24. Touch
  25. Taste
  26. Hearing
  27. Shoes
  28. Shiny objects
  29. Comfort
  30. Tradition

I’m Thankful for YOU!